RPoD: Akaroa, New Zealand

Another Antarctica post is forthcoming but until then…New Zealand!

Outside of Akaroa, NZ | March 2015 | Nokia Lumia 925

RPod: Random Picture of the Day

Since it’s taking me a little more time to write my next Antarctica installment, I thought I would post a random picture.  I may do this a little more often as I sift through some of my earlier photography.

People often ask what I do with all the pics I take…if I print them up in book form or whatever.  Mostly, I randomly view them, relive the moment, and move on.  Rinse and repeat. I keep saying that I’m going to print and frame but never get around to it.  Now I can say that I’ve released them into the wild so that hopefully others might enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Australasian Gannets | near Auckland, NZ | March 2015 | Samsung NX1000

Side Note:  I don’t really like birds as they give me the heebie-jeebies (I blame Alfred Hitchcock and my mom’s dearly departed cockatiel) but I find myself photographing them frequently.  They can be a very challenging subject matter.