RPoD: Lotus in decline

I’m back….and a bit knackered as the Brits would say.  Good trip, great and not so great food, fantastic weather.  The only exception was Mr. TxPepper having a severe case of the hiccups for the whole! trip!  The entire! trip!  11 days! worth!  This not the first time and certainly not the last.  When this happens he doesn’t rest which leads to exhaustion along with no appetite which made food exploration little more problematic as one person just can’t eat that much and still wear the same clothes.

So I offer up a picture from the past just to let you know that I’m still alive and hopefully will finish up my Antarctica trip report in the next several days.

Bangkok | Canon Powershot SD400

RPoD: Burma Girl

Burma | 2006 | Canon Powershot SD400

I thought I would be finished with my Antarctica trip pics but alas….I got severely sidetracked watching the Summer Olympics.

And this evening, I have the good fortune to head out on another grand adventure…which I will reveal via my Instagram account.   I will probably be posting some Insty pics as I go along….but blog posts…it will be a lot easier and tidier to post after I return.  In addition, I would like to keep the Antarctica posts in one continuous chain…which isn’t really necessary because of those little things called tags.  I’ll think about it.

So I offer up this random-picture-of-the-day instead.