Traveling, but back in time. Playing catchup.

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve often been asked if I blog about my grand-adventures-in-travel.  I’ve always had to say “no, but maybe I should”.

Most recently I was chided for not updating my Instagram account…so I did.  Thinking this would suffice to host my travel pics with minimal commentary, I posted like mad but soon discovered that it was too difficult for non-Insty users to figure out how to go back in time.  So that was a bust.  Insty really is for the moment and only for those that follow.  So the next big effort…setting up a blog.

As I have time….I’m going to try and retro-post various trips which I think are more noteworthy for various reasons and tag them with the year traveled so one can go sort according to year or location.

First up will be Antarctica….one of the least traveled of all the continents.


It’s the very late beginning…

So why am I starting this ‘blog’…(sounds so dated in this age of social media doesn’t it) …at this extremely, very late date in the game?

I, or rather ‘we’ as I am joined at the hip to Mr. TxPepper….travel.  I’m told that I’m a little bit witty in my writing.  So putting the two together and by popular request…I’m starting this ‘blog’.

It will be primarily travel related with a little food-talk thrown in.  And then again, maybe something arbitrary like a picture of the sky or peeling bark from a tree might be added.  Hmmm, sounds like someone’s Instagram account.  A rant or two may be thrown in for balance and catharsis….it’s a mental health thing.

So there ya go.  When I go clicky-click, my very first post will become history.