As my blog header intimated, I’m into photography….not the best but I’m working at it. Thank goodness for digital media –cheap to make mistakes.  I also love to travel and am blessed to be able to see the world and document what I see…often from the ground up if you take a look at my Instagram page.   Of course, one cannot travel without eating….so there it that.  And let us not forget the catharsis of a good rant….long or short. It’s all good.  🙂

The blog pics will be a combination of shots from my phone, my ‘big’ camera, and a few repeats from Insty.

How I got started on this path…..I traveled a lot in my formative years but travel was confined to the States and it was all tied to my dad’s work.  Fast forward and now I’m sort of a grown-up.

My motto is ‘Have passport. Will travel.’ And travel I have.  Other than Mexico, my first non-North America trip was to Portugal in 1983-ish.  And I’m still charging ahead.

My Number-One-On-The-List to see is Egypt…but I don’t see myself getting there anytime soon due to all the political unrest.   My other unofficial list is collecting penguin sightings and countries starting with every letter in the English alphabet.  I have all the letters covered except the following: O (Oman), Q (Qatar), W (Wales), X, Y (Yeman), Z (Zambia or Zimbabwe).  If everything goes according to plan, Z will be taken care of very soon.  Y is in the same boat as Egypt without a paddle.  W is easy enough and maybe I’ll just do the crazy and fly over for a short weekend…or try for a British Isles cruise.  O and Q….hmmm…not excited but doable.  And-never-happening  X…I’ll have to either buy an island and declare my own country or maybe there will be a whole reshuffle of boarders and a new country will be created and named Xavier or something.  Probably not. To both.

While collecting countries, I’ve also managed to collect continents. I have Africa left but as mentioned above, this will hopefully happen in four weeks.

I’m a big fan of Microsoft Window Phone…having used several iterations going back to a flip Samsung running Windows then to a Lumia 925 and now a 950XL.

Cameras….my now relegated-to-the-box-of-unloved-toys is a Pentax K-50 but only because it’s on the fritz.  It may be the aperture that is malfunctioning but I don’t have time to send it off for repair and be assured of its return before my next big adventure.  In the mail is a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ300.  I will be giving it a big workout in about four weeks.  We shall see….and report…and maybe have some fab-u-lous pics to post.

Want to know more?  Comment below!



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