Antarctica Part 11: The stars aligned…

Where do you go from here?

29 January…Cruising Day 7…Neko Harbour, a Continental landing and Cuverville Island

After having done three major Fantastic Firsts…where does one go from here?  You view a wedding!  Yes, that happiest of occasions.  Most guys (and the occasional gal) strive for a memorable, over the top pop-the-big-question moment.  I think this couple wins it all based on the location of the wedding.  But that moment is later on in the day.

First we saw a calving glacier…which I almost missed, humpback whales slowly undulating through the water…where I only got the hump, and an island with very messy Gentoos…and their attendant aroma.  But it’s a glass half-full sorta thing and I’m happy I can say, saw that and have the pictures to prove it.

Very close to the ship.  Mom and baby humpback whales. No dramatic movement, just slow undulating moves.  Not sure how many were in this pod…but one would have been enough for me.
The ever present beautiful scenery.
Neko Harbour…our second continental landing of the trip.

And then this happened during the first round of passengers going ashore….

The bride wore red, the groom wore a suit and both wore arctic Muck boots.  They were pronounced husband and wife by Captain Alexey Zakalashnyu while Gentoo penguins and passengers provided witness and celebrated.  The stars aligned and the heavens smiled.

This couple was from China and was traveling with another six or eight friends.  It was a large enough group that Quark provided a translator for them.  The ship’s crew and the expedition staff did a great job pulling off this event.

After the excitement of the wedding, as we were hanging out on deck waiting for the rest of the passengers to re-board….we heard a crack of noise.  Trying to figure out what it was and where it came from, I spotted what looked like a waterfall.  As it turned out, it was a glacier calving.  I only managed to catch what I call the dribble but I did get to see a great portion of the ‘gush’ of ice and snow.


Moving on to Cuverville Island, more Gentoos were our entertainment for the afternoon.

But we were treated to a humpback fluke in the distance….


Heading to the island.
Being a little later in the season for this location, the snow is really worn with penguin paths discolored with their poo.
Looking for that special stone…
….to build a nest like this….but then there are those who prefer a more sleek condo and less work.
Sibling love.
Cold reality.
I just liked this picture.

And this one just because of the water movement.


And in closing this day on Cuverville Island….

It’s bad enough that I waddle, at least I don’t have alligator arms*.

* Alligator arms


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