Antarctica Part 10a: A very crazy day…or 1.4°C

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve Maraboli

28 January…Cruising Day 6…with a break in our regularly scheduled programming that deserves its own post.

Taking the Plunge or Insanity Rules the Day!

No, not the marriage plunge; I did that a few years back. I’m talking 1.4°C water located at 65°07.42’S, 064°02.73’W Polar Plunge. We were hoping to jump below the Circle but for whatever reason, we were unable. While that would have been the icing on the cake, no need to be greedy.

This is how the conversation went:
Early on during travel prep…..
Me: Are you going to do the polar plunge?
Mr.TxP Son: Yeah pops….are you jumping in?
Mr.TxP: Sure, why not.

Packing day….in goes a swimsuit for Mr. TxP…aaand one for me. Ya never know…best to be prepared.

Day of the plunge…well before 7:00am–announcement made that it’s happening!:
Me…still in bed: Well, are you going to do it?
Mr.TxP: Nah, no reason. *goes off to have breakfast*
Me: Hmmm, okay.

Just a little bit later on, I’m showered, dressed for a day of being outside, and heading to breakfast. But just then an announcement was made for those wanting to participate in the plunge — it was time to queue up.  So it was up on the deck to watch and hopefully take a few pics especially of Russell of the RusSus duo. He was about quarter way down in the queue so I didn’t have to wait long. I got a few good shots and then headed to breakfast.

Russell of the RusSus Duo being a manly man…with style!

So I’m sitting there staring at my scrambled eggs, battling with myself….yes, no, stay or go, live a little or be a boring lump.  I saw a few passengers come in wearing their terry robes, asked them if there was still a queue and if I would have time to join the madness.

Call me The TxFlash! I was the second-from-the-last passenger with a handful of expedition staff eventually queued up behind.

The Drill: Show up in a swimsuit and bath robe. Doff bath robe. Don safety belt connected to a retrieval line being held by two safety staff additionally supported by two safety zodiacs. (Safety is always paramount.) Strike a pose. Venture out past the point of no return.  Have no regrets.

O.M.G. The water was so cold that it didn’t feel cold. It was only after you’re out of the water and your skin started prickling that you realize just how cold the water was. My only vocabulary was, “Oh my, oh my….” ad infinitum. Accompanied by the rhythmic percussion of chattering teeth.

Once out of the water, there were spirits (for a price) and a heated pool in which to relax and relive the moment.


After the plunge, I made a mad dash to take a hot shower to warm up. After taking a shower for the second time in just as many hours, I headed out to find Mr. TxP.  Not too difficult considering there are less than 200 passengers on a 137 meter long boat.  I located him in very short order with the first thing out of his mouth being, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to take the plunge? I would have done it also”.   Hey, there are some things in life where one has to make their own mind up.  Since this was a totally optional exhibition of human frivolity sprinkled with a touch a crazy, it wasn’t up to me to make another person’s decision. Well, maybe this was that type of situation where peer pressure and ‘daring’ should be the action word of the day.

Me….no regrets!  Plus I have a nice, personalized certificate that reinforces a very vivid, happy memory.


Woops!  I posted this out of order.  I guess I got excited reliving the moment.  Part 9 tomorrow.

Followed by….pics from the rest of the Polar Plunge day.


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