Antarctica Part 8: 66°33.460’S, 067°21.318’W [pic intensive]

Dotted line ho! ~ Not said by any sailor anywhere, any time

26 January…Cruising Day 4

I can certify that you don’t feel a bump when you cross the Antarctic Circle.

PNTX3483 (2)

On 26-1-2016 at 07:41 local time we crossed the Antarctic Circle and the King Neptune celebration commenced shortly thereafter.

Making the proclamation | The Expedition Staff as King Neptune and his court.

We had much to celebrate as earlier ‘Crossing the Circle’ Quark expeditions were unable to venture this far south for various reasons; we were the first for the season.  Yes!

Group pictures were taken, libations were toasted, we were soooo fortunate.

Circle Celebrate
Circle Celebration UL-LR: Photo time stamp of my photo same as ships display! | Libations all around | Group pic | Indian travel group selfie

An example of how fortunate we were for the whole expedition, at one point we intersected the Quark Diamond. Even being on a very similar itinerary –less the Circle–, the Diamond was unable to make a few of the same landings even by a day that we were able to make. No zodiac cruises, no shore landings, sad passengers.

After the ceremonial crossing, we headed to Andresen Island where we made our first zodiac excursion and saw this along the way:


PNTX2646 (2)

The zodiacs were lowered and boarding commenced.

First excursion
Lower zodiacs. Raise zodiacs. Rinse and repeat twice daily.



We couldn’t get too close as one never knew when ice would shear off and cause mini-tidal waves….possibly capsizing a zodiac.


Surfs up?

And then we cruised toward the island (no landing) to see Adelie penguins…our first large grouping.

The pink coloration on the rock is from penguin poo; their diet of krill creating the coloring.


From Andresen Island, we head out through sea ice to see what we could see….

Crabeater seals scattered on the sea ice.
Adelie penguins that didn’t ask for directions.


Arctic Tern
Pack and sea ice trapping ice bergs.

And then we sail into this……


Going boldly through the ice!


And then I saw and managed to grab a pic of this very hard to spot white-against-white….

Snow Petral
Snow Petrel

Going forward from this point, the posts will be primarily pictures…as our days did not vary much as far as daily routine with the exception of a couple of scheduled special events….that only took place if conditions permitted.  Of course.



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