Antarctica Part 7: Mother Nature’s Ice Cubes

I’m thirsty. ~Samuel T. Coleridge, paraphrased

25 January…Cruising Day 3…second sea day.

I’m happy to report the Drake was more a lake rather than a shaken-not-stirred martini. Mr. TxP was ecstatic; I was relieved. (Now…we just had to get back across uneventfully.)  Eating, lectures, equipment orientation for the kayakers/stand-up paddle boarders, and more eating was the order of the day.

Russell of the RusSus Duo being fitted to their kayak.

But then we spotted this:

First sighting

Which eventually led to seeing a whole lot of this:



Tabular Ice

We were able to get pretty close….


The quirkiness of water and wind erosion.

There was rejoicing all around. The humans were placated.

That evening, Captain Alexey Zakalashnyuk hosted a formal reception welcoming us onboard.  The crew exhibited great haberdashery making an appearance in a tartan plaid custom designed for Quark.

Captains Reception

It was a very good day…and we were only at the beginning.


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