It’s the very late beginning…

So why am I starting this ‘blog’…(sounds so dated in this age of social media doesn’t it) …at this extremely, very late date in the game?

I, or rather ‘we’ as I am joined at the hip to Mr. TxPepper….travel.  I’m told that I’m a little bit witty in my writing.  So putting the two together and by popular request…I’m starting this ‘blog’.

It will be primarily travel related with a little food-talk thrown in.  And then again, maybe something arbitrary like a picture of the sky or peeling bark from a tree might be added.  Hmmm, sounds like someone’s Instagram account.  A rant or two may be thrown in for balance and catharsis….it’s a mental health thing.

So there ya go.  When I go clicky-click, my very first post will become history.



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